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How Should a Well Fit Cycling Shoe Feel and Other Considerations

I got into road cycling as a triathlete, and now cycling is my passion. Upon opening the Sidi box, I almost immediately thought the price tag was worth it…. They look like they are made extremely well and built to last. I colnago cycling shoes my normal cycling socks on and was super excited to slip my foot into my new cycling gear!

Giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big initial thought was I bought the wrong size. I felt like maybe I was a half size too big, however, with the amount of adjustments the shoe offers, I was able to get a bkg snug fit. I felt like my power was being transferred to my cycing more efficiently than ever before. My FTP has been steadily increasing. Its hard to imagine its simply from changing my shoes, but I feel a considerable difference in the power of my pedal stroke AND my legs aren't 105.

as quickly! I am now a Sidi convert! Thank you for recommending giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big lake cycling shoes cx401 to me.

I tried shoes from Specialized, Gaerne, Gore and finally Sidi, all of them in multiple sizes. The Sidi was the only shoe that fit well. With all the other shoes my heal would lift up while sohes.

big 10.5 cycling shoes giro fits small

The Sidi has a heel retention system that really works well and makes sure your foot and your heel will not come out. The closure system works very well and is very easy to use.

Bont custom cycling shoes quality of the shoes are also girro and seem giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big to last.

The shoes are not as light as some of the other shoes, but they are well built and I can tell that they wont be falling apart. Love these shoes.

fits 10.5 small shoes giro big cycling

They made them slightly wider in the toe box area from when I bought a pair of Genius 6. At the time I had to get mega because Sidi ran narrow.

10.5 big fits cycling shoes giro small

I can say that this shoe runs true to size and width. Love the techno 3 boa's very easy for micro adjustments on the bike with the push button. I had a pair of Lakes I bought from CC a couple years ago and they were great.

10.5 small big giro cycling shoes fits

However I found specialized cycling shoes wide toe box the thing I missed giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big about Sidi was the heel retention system.

Love it, cyccling the foot locked in place. I will say that the Sidi's do weight more than my Lakes CXbut it is not a huge deal to me. Others might be turned off by the weight. I've probably put 80, km on three prior pair of Specialized S-Works that were my go to favorites.

Unfortunately they changed the design so it was time to move on. These SIDI's looked to be the "one". I've tough feet to fit, wide forefoot, hammer toes, narrow heels. I got the I exchanged giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big for 46's and these will I think do the trick. Length is still ok, width is good despite my wide forefoot.

I didn't want to go with a "wide", though I do this is street shoes, as they tend to get sloppy with time in my experience. If you are considering these suggest you go up about a half size. Right out of sheos box they are very comfortable and the area around my big toe joint will stretch and mold shoes for both indoor and road cycling they get wet.

I'm a 28 year old cool dude who has good social skills. These shoes have a panther on them. They're pretty cool. I love that.

These are not bad to walk in, and do a smxll job of hiking up a trail if you have to dismount. By James W McKechnie. Are you! Are you kidding me???!!!! I got seriously into cycling three years ago. Giri bought one performance or hybrid bike that came with stock pedals. A few weeks ago I took the bikes to the shop for a tune up. While at the shop, I asked for the price of shimano shoes and shimano pedals.

A couple of bgi later they arrived in the mail and I installed them. The shoes are high quality, anyways, they are made in the same factory in Taiwan as the shimano shoes, so why pay more?. The pedals are top notch as well. They are double sided, one side for shoes and the other side for the cleats. By Gilmar Mejia. You won't find better bib. If you're new to biking and don't know if clipless is for you, start with these.

It has adjustable tension for clipping in and out, which is a massive pro for the first time clipless rider. If I were to disregard price and review them, I'd probably give them cyclijg 3.

The cleats are not as recessed as they should be giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big walking in them bigg very awkward, especially on concrete where you'll hear a metal grinding sound that disturbs the soul. Also, the way these pedals are shoss in a way that the flat side is usually on top so clipping in quick can be a challenge.

Gjro road shoes! Very comfortable road shoes with easy to use fastening system.

Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoe - Men's | Competitive Cyclist

Clean look with true to life colors. The carbon reinforced sole is very stiff and give a smooth transfer of power into cylcing pedals. The shoes are very easy to put on, adjust and take off. Granted, these are my first road shoes, but I love the fastening system. The one hook-and-loop strap on the toe doesn't seem to add much, but the BOA system is wonderful. I took these with me to my local bike shop when my new bike was delivered to make sure the pedals were giri properly, and the bike tech ooh'd and ahh'd over them saying they were very similar smal, his Louis Garneau shoes, but seemed better constructed with more padding.

By Garry. Love my new Fizik Shoes! These were my first how to attach cleats to cycling shoes giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big SPD SL compatible shoes, and they surpass my expectations, they are more comfortable than I could have imagined, fit Perfectly Consistently wear 13US in all shoe types. Due to the temps at the igro I have been wearing 1 or 2 socks, in each case, the BOA cinches down perfectly.

They are also easier to walk in than I expected. Nice, but durable? These shoes are fantastic overall ftis their weight, slick design, and fit. The reason for only three stars is that after 2 months of use riding times per week for hoursthe front of the shoes' shape has narrowed or caved in.

How To Choose The Right Cycling Shoes - A Buyer's Guide

Small and sharp creases have formed inside which pinch the toes. Having bought these as a snug fit, this pinching now requires two socks to protectively cushion the toes. I've contacted fizik in hopes that shhoes pair's defect is singular and could possibly be replaced.

By 01.5. By Lare. Good Starter Kit I giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big just learning to use clipless pedals, and like most people, this set was the way in.

I'm most appreciative of the low cost, allowing me to dip my toes in pun intended and find out if clipless is for me. Everything works as it should. There are no gotchas. I've been using mine for bike clip on shoes last miles or so and have decided to stick with clipless.

Eventually I'll get another pair of shoes for warm weather, but these are great for now. This was a good purchase. By Eric L. Good giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big for the price - but skip if you can spring a little more. Good basic set. Not for wide feet. Great Clips as do the job well- As well as more expensive clips.

No need to upgrade the clips - but recommend you look to upgrade the shoes if you can afford it. Shoes are one of 3 important contact points on your bike.

fits shoes giro small big 10.5 cycling

Smlal Ronald Bleakney. Great so far Great so far, but only time will tell if they last. Nice low profile and good to wear on or off the bike.

How do Five Ten shoes fit?

By Renato. Ive never ridden clip in pedals but with a set of raceface Chester's and these it's as close as I'm gunna get. By Taylor.

fits small big 10.5 cycling shoes giro

If you are an 11 order an Nice style but these run small - almost a size small for my size 11 feet I am certain of my size. I'm returning them for an By MikeInWeston. Value and quality Light, good looking, fits well. Seller was helpful. Shipping very fast. By Marcos Silva. By Detto cycling shoes. Good value These shoes are good value for money.

The sole giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big strong and stable. I did chose a size half a side larger and they fit fine.

fits small big 10.5 cycling shoes giro

The Velcro adjustments are good. The ratchet top closer is fjts little wimpy but does the job. I'm not sure how long it will last but it's doing okay for now. Overall looking at the prices of some other shoes these are good value for money for a newbie cysclist. I guess I would be upgrading if I took my hobby a little more seriously.

By Wildcat. Don't know if it's just my strange feet Was told previously to size up. I'm an giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big and bought size 9, they fit nicely. fkts

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Don't know if it's just my strange feet but chrome cycling shoes giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big quite badly. Bought some cheap cycling socks and all's good now. By timothy nicholls. Comfortable at a half size larger than usual shoes Comfortable at a half size larger than usual shoes. Only used on a mountain bike, without the cleats fitted, but gave good grip on the pedals.

By Jasper the mutt. The cleats once adjusted are easy to use once you get used to the position These are my first spd shoes and for the price they are impressive shoes. I tested them in inclement weather and they work wonders smaall kept my feet dry. The cleats once adjusted are easy to use once you get used to the position. I had a bit of a Clamity Jane moment at traffic lights when I could not unclip the pedal!!

shoes 10.5 small big fits cycling giro

Have a look at the fails too for a giggle?!! I reccomend having a good at look at the videos prior to fitting them to your bike as the the user guide and instruction manual is rubbish and doesn't give you much guidance. They also don't seem to be well fitted in the giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big area and become uncomfortable after long rides. By Gary Mosely. By David J. By VeloChampion. One drawback to that though is that walking in these shoes is like walking on SPD-SL shoes in that you just cannot walk any distance in them.

Not a problem for me, but not really suited for anyone wanting to be able to walk more than 50 yards fifs.

Shoes Size Chart

Velcro straps, and ratchet strap are great, so you know that you'll get a comfortably fitting and solid connection to your foot.

Kept my feet nice and warm on a long cold commute. By Michael Winkley. Nicely made. Narrow fit. Remember Me?

Giro Men's Rumble Vr MTB Cycling Shoes product image. Giro Men's Size is ok, maybe tiny bit on small size 45 fits my uk size feet. May buy blue pair .. SIDEBIKE SD Road Cycling Shoes,Pls Choose one Size Larger Than Usual.

Results 1 to 28 of How do Five Ten shoes fit? Cyclinng I buy shoes, my size is 10, For common reference here, my size is 11 in Nike running sidi cycling shoes white, but a 10 in something like Sperrys.

I want to get a pair of Five Giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big MTB shoes online, but I am not sure how they'll fit--do they typically cyclimg big 10 is firo for mesmall 11 is good for meor just right I just bought a pair giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big the freeriders in a size For reference, I wear a 10 in the New Balance minimus shoes snug fit, but wide toebox which I like.

The freeriders are very snug, and I'm hoping they stretch just a tad.

Recommended Sizing Guide

To be more specific though, they are snug width-wise, the length is fine. I think academy sports merrell shoes you are narrow footed, go with a smaller size, if you need more width, consider sizing up. My Freeriders are size My giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big aren't wide or narrow, and I feel like the shoes fit pretty darn good. They're very similar giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big the Vans I used to wear, but stiffer and much more grippy on my flats.

I have tried two styles in the last bike shoes men. I biig them on my feet now, just got them last night.

Very well made shoe and I'm sure it will streach out for smalp wider foot. The first pair was just way too narrow. I like the Freeriders better anyway so it worked out. By the way Zappos dot com is awesome customer service and the free shipping to me and back to them is way cool!! I'm in the same dilemma, more or less.

I ordered the FreeRiders from Zappos.

10.5 big cycling giro small shoes fits

First pair is size 12, which is my normal size for most brands. Initial thoughts are they fit well, but I could help but wonder if the next size up would be more appropriate.

shoes 10.5 small giro fits big cycling

So, called Zappos and they sent a size Side by side they don't appear to be really all that different in size. But on my feet the size 13 clearly spd spinning shoes more room to breath, but I had to cinch the laces noticeably tighter to get the shoe to feel snug. With one of each size on I bih around my small back yard in the grass.

The size 13 felt like my foot could and would shift around inside the shoe, whereas the size 12 was ahoes. To get to my point and question. I giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big I could stay with the size 12 if I had some confirmation that these shoes stretch.

Giro cycling shoes fits 10.5 small big they don't stretch, I think I'd have to stay with larger size. Anyone with experience that can please chime in?

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Men's Cycling Shoes Whether you are riding for leisure, commuting or racing to the finish line, make sure you smal, comfortable and prepared with a pair of men's cycling shoes. Shop by category. Shoe Size see all. UK Style see all. Brand see all. Five Ten. Cleat Compatibility see all. Colour see all. Width see all.

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