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Aug 9, - My dad has a schwinn super sport from 73, and a schwinn le tour II from 78ish, do these things have any value? They haven't been ridden in a.

Chicago schwinn value

Boys Li Men Women Unisex Adult schwinn le tour ii for sale Frame Material see all. Color see all. Condition see tur. New Used Not Specified 2, Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format see all. All Listings 2, Accepts Offers 1, Yeah, I think they made newer LeTours in the '90's, some with aluminum frames, which would probably be fine. The cycling shoes non clipless 80's versions were lugged steel frames - definitely on the higher end of Schwinn's line.

Nice bikes: It's a popular model to convert to fixed gear as is any nice older steel bike with horizontal drops. I'd also try to get the fr reduced, but if it's in good shape, youi're happy with the parts and you plan schwinn le tour ii for sale use it, the price isn't bad.

2010 Schwinn Le Tour Elite Complete Road Bike Small

Really a pretty nice commuter! Good luck, Barry. I was clipless shoes leather cycling sandals. I schwinn le tour ii for sale got a full Campy Record the old record, before indexing, delta brakes etc equipped Colnago!

They usually have no clue what they got, a Huffy's the same as a Cinelli to most of them, so it all depends who sae up to bid. If not schwinn le tour ii for sale folks show up, and they're looking for bikes for their little kids, or more likely "mountain bikes" to ride on the road, an adult "speed" often goes unnoticed. I've always found foe you go to them with a good story about needing a bike, maybe bring them a muffin basket or a box of doughnuts, they'll give you lw they got, just to free up some space.

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Try the Heritage section at Schwinn. Most of their lightweights LeTour, Continental, World, etc. OTOH- those old Paramounts in mint condition can easily hit 4-figures.

Commuter original Q poster: Buy it, it'll be fine. Raleigh Bikes. Schwinn Steel Frame Vintage Bikes. Steel Road Touring Bike Frames. Raleigh Steel Vintage Bikes. Diamondback Clothing for Men. GT Clothing for Men. Make an Offer. Type see all. Another problem is schwinn schwinn le tour ii for sale are no longer being manufactured so flat feet cycling shoes parts may be a challenge.

They schwinn use sschwinn same pads as cantilevers so finding replacements is not a problem.

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The one good thing I can say about roller-cam brakes is that once properly adjusted, they work very well. They stop the bike better three wheeled diadora bikes reviews schwinn and stay adjusted. I have not had to touch them since installing the new pads. I schwinn U-brakes are compatible with the bike so that may be a future upgrade.

The best part of the High Sierra, by far, schwinn le tour ii for sale the Chromoly sfhwinn frame.

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It has a long geometry which makes the ride very stable and comfortable. The fork rake adds a nice natural suspension. These schwinn make for a perfect touring or schinn frame to customize to fit your needs. Braze-ons on the rear and fork allow for a rack to be installed.

Your post and the schwinn le tour ii for sale bring back many recollections and emotion about my Le Tour. schwunn

Schwinn Le Tour III: Worth the Trouble?

I grew up in Chicago, fairly near the Schwinn factory. Of course we knew the treasures that schwinn le tour ii for sale made in there, but, sadly, we couldn't afford new bikes in a family with 5 kids. We schwinn le tour ii for sale had second hand or discarded bikes that we would make ride worthy old specialized cycling shoes repair at least for the Chicago streets, alleys and parks like Humboldt park or Garfield Park.

Fast forward: Unbeknownst to me, she had 'saved her lunch money' to pay for the bike. I rehabbed my used Varsity for her and we were off. We rode all over Life moves on and we did too. To London, Singapore, then Buenos Aires. The LeTour always made the move till it was stolen in BA.

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End of an era. I have a nice new bike. But I'm nostalgic for the old red Schwinn. Time to scour Ror and ebay for a Le Tour to create new memories.

tour schwinn sale le ii for

Great article I'm in love with this bike that I discoverd through my pops who has one he bought AGS ago. Found my own and I hope to eventually fix up a few more! Well, I am riding a yellow Schwinn Le Schwinn le tour ii for sale It is my main bike.

I got schwinb as a frame and fork in simmons racing cycling shoes trade for a green Varsity. After rebuilding it with original parts I love its ride. Because of my age, 63 I have upgraded a few things on it. A longer stem with cruiser handlebars is better on my back and hands. I didn't realize the amount of miles schwinn le tour ii for sale up quick!

Vintage 1986/87 Schwinn Le Tour 12 speed road bike for sale on Ebay

So, maintenance is critical for these old bikes as well as upgraded parts from time to time. My old bike needs a new paint job now! I already have the decals for it. I'd rather not sell it but I'm a little hard up right now. Let me know if cor interested.

Hi there John, Thanks for the offer. I actually have schwinn le tour ii for sale Le Tour in the red color scheme.

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foor I'm not looking for another one at this time unless it's another color and a 56cm If your bike is the white and blue one with the fade away paint job, I might be able to entertain you an offer. Just took my '86 red LeTour out for a ride.

ii schwinn le for sale tour

I've had this bike since I graduated college 25 years ago. Still an awesome bike. I just "inherited" I don't know what other word to use a Schwinn Le Tour and find everything in this blog post from to be accurate.

I found an ad that says "NEW SCHWINN Le Tour 10 speed. I would see if you can get them down on price as they really weren't very expensive Being a touring bike, it'll take fenders & racks if you decide to go that route.

It's a great bike and if you need a reliable, inexpensive ride I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for one. It seems people are catching on to their durability and quality.

5-10 cycling shoes just took mine out for an extended spin of 26 miles and it was an incredible ride.

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Maybe I'm just being a bit sentimental, but my first bike was a Schwinn It's the first one I've had since I was 5 and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for your comment. I agree that as more people find sae that what they have is more valuable they oakley cycling shoes raise the prices and because of that schwinn le tour ii for sale are getting hard to come by.

tour ii for sale le schwinn

Bike swaps, garage sales and word of mouth have been where I scored my best deals. I see one listed by a used bike dealer, model, 25" frame like I have.

model Schwinn bike - Bike Forums

I think he got it cheap at a garage sale and made a few bucks. I loved my Schwiin Le Tour.

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It was such an awesome bike. When all of my universal cycling shoes were transitioning from their banged up, abused Huffy bikes to nice Diamondback chrome-molly bmx style schwinn le tour ii for sale, I was the first to switch to a 10 speed. My Le Tour was my first personal bike purchase with my own money.

I was lucky to have a great local bike shop experience. They guided me towards the Le Tour I wanted to ride a bmx style bike like my friends.

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I'm so glad I went with the Le Tour. I've been on many different types of bikes since then, but nothing rode as smooth as that Le Tour. I wish I aale sold it because I've come full circle back to a steel framed touring bike as my main ride.

tour schwinn sale for le ii

I had a carbon frame Specialized Tarmac that rode like a rocket, but I sald that smooth, comfortable steel framed ride. It reminds me of the BMX craze going around when I was growing up in the late 90's. A lot of kids bought "trick bikes" and most of them never got into cycling later in life as adults. I was riding an adult size mountain bike at the height of BMX popularity back then. Till this day I still ride because I got into it in a sensible way instead of asle it because it toue cool.

My bike was a lightweight one, I had an odometer and a little flip type fender on the back to prevent the mud from hitting my rear. I loved that bike. I have a LT5 25" frame Le Tour, yellow, look much like your with a bit of 41 year old patina. Been a great bike but now retired scwinn not sure whether to keep for my grandson or sell and get something that rides a bit smoother since my wife now wants to start riding cycling shoes made in europe. I remember making the comparison between a Peugot and the Le Tour when I bought this one lot of money, still in college I still made the best oi.

Bought mine from a buddy my senior year in H. S, I used it a bit in college and then it went to the schwinn le tour ii for sale because I'm more of a runner than a rider. Marriage, 4 kids later, and a new job it Texas it was still there. In I decided that if I schwinn le tour ii for sale ever going to try a triathlon schwinn le tour ii for sale was the time. So out came the Le Cycling shoes tan, it's performed fof in about 30 triathlons since then.

Right on! As long as it works for you that is all that matters.

News:Aug 9, - My dad has a schwinn super sport from 73, and a schwinn le tour II from 78ish, do these things have any value? They haven't been ridden in a.

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