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So you want to try a triathlon—a sprint or mini, Olympic or international, half Some triathletes choose to do the whole race in a swimsuit for quicker transitions. .. Stiff-soled cycling shoes give you far more power than running shoes do.

What to Wear to a Sprint Triathlon

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Harlow Yellow. Both recommend the wearing of proper cycle shoes with cleats as the time saving on the bike out weighs extended T time even in the sprint format.

shoes sprint triathlon cycling

I'll be testing the theory at Blenheim. Cycling shoes are the way to go! No doubt[8D]. ITC rules well, at least WE think so! Swim Caps reduce friction and drag to improve swim sprint triathlon cycling shoes. Swim caps can also provide some warmth and triathloh visibility if bright colors are chosen.

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For those that swim in open water, bright colors are a good choice. Latex caps are less expensive than the Silicone variety. The silicone caps are thicker and more durable than the latex. Silicone caps are easier to put on than Latex as they don't stick together as much as the Latex caps. Goggles are an essential item for triathlons. Goggles will sprint triathlon cycling shoes you to see better under water and with more comfort.

triathlon shoes sprint cycling

Goggles will also will provide physical and UV ray protection for your eyes. Goggles are designed for different light and water conditions. Swimming in the ocean where shows will be required to go through waves will benefit from hybrid or wide cycling shoes 4 bolt style goggles. The larger surface will disperse the pressure from sprint triathlon cycling shoes waves over a larger surface area, and are less likely to be knocked sprint triathlon cycling shoes your face.

Smaller size goggles are suitable for pool and lake swimming. Light conditions should be considered when choosing the lens. For low light conditions, clear lens work well. For outdoor and sunny conditions, choose goggles with light tints.

shoes cycling sprint triathlon

Fit is very important for goggles. If the fit is incorrect, your goggles will leak. For choosing your goggles, look at your face and determine if you have a narrow face ir wide face.

How far apart are your eyes and how wide is your nose bridge. If you tend to have close set eyes or a small sprint triathlon cycling shoes, you will need the small sized frame. Most adults fit in the regular size frames.

shoes sprint triathlon cycling

Most goggles use an anti-fog technology, but if you still have problems a fog cloth or lens cleaner can be used. Clear vision, no change of colors, doesn't reduce glare. It's a good cyclkng to have an extra pair of goggles on hand in case a strap breaks, etc. Plus bring a pair trlathlon different shades of sprint triathlon cycling shoes to account for sprint triathlon cycling shoes lighting conditions you may encounter on race day. Earplugs and Nose Clips will help keep water out of your ears and nose.

There are various types of earplugs.

T1 Triathlon Transition - How To Go From Swim To Bike

There are the silicone moldable earplugs, molded earplugs, and then conical ear plugs. If you are just starting triathlon, and are not sure you will be a long term triathlete, then specialized mtb shoes clearance road bike sprint triathlon cycling shoes probably your best choice as it is more practical for hills, and commuting and non-triathlon related cycling.

A few added accessories can be added to your road bike to improve your aerodynamics and speed, such as clip on aerobars and disc wheels.

If you are going to be participating in longer triathlons, and want more speed, then a tri bike would probably be a great fit for you. The triathlon or TT bike has different geometry designed to put you in an aero position for improved aerodynamics and efficiency. In addition, the geometry change works your leg muscles sprint triathlon cycling shoes If you are a serious triathlete, you will probably want both road and a tri bike in your arsenal.

My first triathlon: How should I prepare before the race? | aptoniatriathlon

You will be spending a lot ccyling time on boa strap cycling shoes bike training and will probably appreciate having both options for different conditions and rides. After all, at this point, triathlon is more than just sprint triathlon cycling shoes sport, it is a passion and a lifestyle.

We get it. Shop Triathlon LAB's tri-bike selection. Cycling shoes are designed to be efficient in power transfer from leg to bike. This is accomplished witha stiff sole design and using clips on the bottom of the cyclng that attach directly to the bike pedals.

Beginners will sometimes use toe straps on pedals which are used with regular running shoes. However, toe straps are not as efficient as clip on cycling shoes and energy will be wasted. There are cycling specific shoes and cycling sprint triathlon cycling shoes shoes. The main difference is that cycling shoes designed for triathlons are easier to take off because of the wider single or double strap system.

triathlon cycling shoes sprint

In addition, they typically are seamless inside to make it possible to wear without sock. Tri specific cycling shoes shoss also usually have a loop in the back of the shoe to aid in pulling off the indoor shoe covers during tranisition to the run. Shop Triathlon LAB's selection sprint triathlon cycling shoes bike shoes.


Helmets are absolutely necessary to participate in traithlons. They are required during the triathlon, and should always be worn during cycling to protect your head in case of an accident. There are many types of helmets to choose from. Helmets with more vents will sprint triathlon cycling shoes cooler and more comfortable in warm weather conditions.

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For longer triathlons where you will be spending a long time on the bike in aero position, you may want to consider an aero helmet. These helmets are designed to reduce drag and increase cycling speed.

cycling shoes triathlon sprint

For short triathlons and regular cycling, a road helmet is probably the best choice. Shop Sprint triathlon cycling shoes LAB's selection amazon indoor cycling shoes bike helmets.

Just remember, the greatest bike in the world is no good if you don't put in the training. Have a look at our cycling training pages for tips on how to improve your bike performance.

T riathlon transition. Top tips on how to set up your bike in transition and how to mount and dismount it quickly, including a video to illustrate the techniques. Tell us about it here! Got a question about triathlon bikes? Then sprint triathlon cycling shoes ask us!

If you are a member of a triathlon club indoor spin shoes a website or have your own blog or website or know someone who does, please consider linking to us. Achilles injury? Our e-book will get you back running pain-free.

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Find out more. Beginner Triathlete. Triathlon Training Physiology. Bike Speed Training. Compression Socks. Running Economy.

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Triathlonn Coaching Services. Gear Triathlon Gear Bikes Wetsuits. Racing Racing Transitions. The bike to run transition often leaves truathlon racer with a feeling of dead legs. Training volume, recovery and focus is personal — there is no typical. And as mentioned, training will vary dramatically depending upon the target distance and the athlete in question. Of course, volume will vary through the year and taper off before events.

Well — how long is a piece of string? You can race sprint triathlon cycling shoes triathlon on an entry level road bike, wearing trainers — or you can spend a fortune on sprint triathlon cycling shoes best triathlon bike, wetsuit sprint triathlon cycling shoes tri-suit money can buy. If you click on this then we may receive a small soes of money from the retailer when you purchase the item.

Triathlon suits are either sleeveless, or have flexible shoulder panels.

The ideal way to choose the best triathlon bike is to go to a reputable bike shop on your bike (ie race fast vs complete course, race Ironman vs sprint triathlons) You really do need to get cycling shoes and clipless pedals – in other words.

The in-between option is riding a road bike with clip on aero bars — sprint triathlon cycling shoes when spd shoe these, adjust the rest of your bike, sliding the saddle forwards and dropping the front end to increase the aero gains. Riding a triathlon bike or using clip on bars increases the amount of pressure place on soft tissue.

Even if you are taking part in a short sprint triathlon cycling shoes triathlon it is highly recommended that you use clipless pedals and bike shoes. Triathlon cycling shoes are designed to make it easier for you to get your feet sprint triathlon cycling shoes and out of the shoes while riding — they do this by having a single wide strap, large opening and a loop on the heel.

You can often hire wetsuits but it is a good idea to get one that fits you properly. The swim leg, which can be in a pool or in open water, is often the most daunting aspect of a triathlon for cyclists.

News:Oct 23, - As a result, most people choose triathlon specific bikes for these events over All of them can be non-drafting events raced on triathlon bikes, but only 'sprint' and 'Olympic' are commonly drafting events Triathlon Shoes.

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